Blue Yellow Queen Deck

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Best Blue Yellow Queen Deck Builds 2024

Blue Yellow Queen Deck OP04

  • OP04 - Blue/Yellow Queen 16th Place┬áRegional Knoxville, TN┬á-┬áChris Kral
    OP04 - Blue/Yellow Queen 16th Place Regional Knoxville, TN - Chris Kral

    Deck List

    1 Queen (OP04-040)

    Character (43)
    4 Kaya (OP03-044)
    2 Perona (OP01-077)
    4 Boa Hancock (ST03-013)
    4 Donquixote Doflamingo (OP01-073)
    4 Charlotte Brulee (ST07-007)
    4 Capone"Gang"Bege (OP04-100)
    4 Pound (OP04-110)
    4 Sanji (OP04-104)
    2 Sogeking (OP03-122)
    4 Charlotte Katakuri (OP03-123)
    4 Yamato (OP04-112)
    1 Dracule Mihawk (OP01-070)
    2 Kaido (OP04-044)

    Event (7)
    3 Three Thousand Worlds (OP03-057)
    4 Gum-Gum Red Roc (OP04-056)

The deck versions are post banlist, if you find any deck with banned cards send us a message.

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