Blue Nami Deck

Discover the best One Piece TCG Blue Nami Deck top recipes from many tournaments around the world.

Best Blue Nami Deck Builds 2024

Blue Nami Deck Profile OP03

15th Place Raid'n'Trade Online Regional - Sergio Fernández Serra

Blue Nami Deck optcg

Blue Nami Deck List 2024

  • 4 Kaya (OP03-044)
  • 3 Mr.1(Daz.Bonez) (OP02-063)
  • 3 Nojiko (OP03-048)
  • 2 Dracule Mihawk (ST03-005)
  • 2 Bell-mère (OP03-051)
  • 4 Zeff (OP03-047)
  • 2 Sogeking (OP03-122)

1 Nami (OP03-040)

Event (30)
4 Desert Spada (OP01-088)
4 Impel Down All Stars (OP02-066)
4 Usopp's Rubber Band of Doom!!! (OP03-054)
4 Gum-Gum Giant Gavel (OP03-055)
4 Overheat (OP01-086)
3 Love-Love Mellow (ST03-017)
4 Sanji's Pilaf (OP03-056)
3 DEATH WINK (OP02-069)

The deck versions are post banlist, if you find any deck with banned cards send us a message.
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